Referrals to specialist physicians

HAE South Africa have a network of doctors experienced in HAE who can assist with expert advice and treatment.

Patient & Carer meet-ups

Annual get-togethers where our patients and caregivers discuss the challenges they face and participate in informative discussions on the latest developments, including presentations from doctors.

Information & educational resources

A variety of tools and resources to help patients and carers better understand HAE; keeping track of attacks, communicating with your medical team, successfully managing your or your child’s HAE and various other resources for adults, children, and teens.

Peer-to-peer support

HAE South Africa is made up of patients and carers who are in various stages of their HAE journeys. Our peer-to-peer programme allows patients and carers to make contact and support one another by sharing their stories.

Social Media Pages

Where we share stories and experiences.

Social Media Pages

Where we share stories and experiences.

Whatsapp support groups

Our WhatsApp groups are used for broadcasting information and updates, and we have a smaller group where patients can share experiences and provide support for one another.

Access to HAEi network

Our organisation is part of HAE International (HAEi), a global non-profit network of patient organisations.